Why EOS Transcript:

What makes you come alive?

What makes me come alive is seeing other people have their light bulb moment. Over the years I've been involved in different industries and different roles, but the common thread is I have the most rewarding feelings when I'm able to guide people through difficult situations and help them learn new skills that empower themselves.

What are your innate strengths?

As someone who has a legal background, I'm very analytical, patient and just at a baseline level a very good listener. Difficult conversations are actually fun for me. It's a form of problem solving. So having someone who's invested in working through problems is what I bring to the table.

Where do you add the greatest value?

Adding the greatest value depends on what your team needs. Honestly, not everyone is a good fit for each other. So part of it is understanding what your leadership team needs in a facilitator.

Maybe you need someone who is more heavy handed. Maybe you need someone who is a very good listener and who's a more creative problem solver. What value I bring in is I'm very experienced in pulling information. The important information from leadership teams and helping them walk through their problems. And it's not my job to be the expert in your industry because you have all the information at your fingertips. It's helping the team be comfortable with sharing the information that's within the group and discussing it in a very effective and productive manner.

How will you measure your life?

At the end of the day, how I would measure my life in whether it's successful or not, is if I've been honest with others and with myself, what does that mean for me? Um, I'm used to giving people information that they may not necessarily look forward to receiving. Maybe that's because of my background in the legal field. But part of it is also me understanding that if I tip toe around people or don't give them what they need to know, I'm not doing them any favors or myself any favors.

Why EOS?

I picked the EOS system because it's timeless. These principles have been around for many years, but it's also very relatable and simple. The whole purpose of this system is to bring principals into an organization and empower the leadership team so that eventually they don't need a facilitator as often, and they'll be able to set their goals, reach their goals, and have very productive meetings with a healthy team atmosphere. So empowering teams is the whole purpose, rather than creating more and more dependability on myself. That's why I picked EOS.  

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